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The first written book file, Art Programming Virus Using VB:

Why is the virus? Why is visual basic? Why? Why? Indeed the cyber world will not be separated from things called viruses. Then why is the virus made? I don’t know about it myself … is this accident or just for some reason. If I look at it from the three years I have been struggling in the world of viruses, there are actually many answers. First of all, the antiquity virus actually did not exist, just because an agency (organization) in the United States was researching about idle programs where the programmers in the organization created games who could survive. The rules may damage the opponent’s program. One time accidentally the fad program was accidentally spread. The spread is not only in the hands of good cyber people, evil ones are cyberpunk, they use it for the first time to play, but really it is very profitable, can manipulate something for their interests, such as penetrating the system, taking (read stealing) data that is “Top Secret” or “restricted”, and others. Until finally spread to Indonesia. Because the spread programs are destructive, it is called a virus, like a substance that damages our immune system called a virus anyway?! (F @ # %%!)

In the 1990s when I was in junior high school there was also a virus from Indonesia. The name is … UFO (if not mistaken), only displays the message of the creator of the virus without damaging the system. At the end of the year 99 macro viruses appeared that were made by STIMIK student??? (I forget). It is a macro virus that raises the message of thanking the camp lecturers for giving a ‘very good’ value. This virus is likely to be made for revenge tools. Around the year 2000 the hallo.roro.htt virus appeared. The emergence of this virus could shock the Indonesian user. Cannot be detected by any vendor such as McAfee, Norton Anti Virus, AVG, etc. This virus only slows down the computer, makes Windows restart itself every 5 seconds and replaces the wallpaper with the picture “Miss Roro”. After tracing this virus is a “revenge tools” too. In the same year there was also a black dream virus whose message was also “revenge tools”. Likewise the virus misses (but I don’t assume that the virus is revenger too). Revenge, revenge and revenge. Why not create a virus that can steal “restricted” or “top secret” data ??? Maybe Indonesian virus-makers also think that way.

It’s not that I provoke the reader to make a virus, but only makes this article a scientific reference that can build programmers (especially virus-makers, hehehehe) to make viral programs more useful for the homeland and nation (ugh patriotic pretender …). But the facts show the truth. Real examples a few years ago there was the CODE RED virus, the virus was a combination of ideas and concept from the virus-maker of the Chinese people who opposed the existence of an American stealth aircraft in China that had crashed into a Chinese fighter. Because of the outrage, the Chinese people united, they hacked the American system, created the RED CODE virus and spread it throughout the world. The computer system in the white building was totally paralyzed. That’s just the Chinese people, what if the more creative Indonesian people unite, maybe not just the RED CODE that is created, but the BLUE CODE is more powerful !!! , IT IS THE TIME OF THE INDONESIAN INFORMATICS, RISE TO BE APPRECIATED NOT AS A CRIME, BUT AS A INTERNATIONAL QUALITY HUMAN INDONESIA ……


The contents of this book are tutorials for making viruses using visual basic which will be explained in several chapters, that is:



Visual Basic Programming, to make a program (especially a virus), we must master at least one programming language, whether VB, Delphi, C, C ++ or assembly (hihihihihihi …). Why do I choose visual basic here? Because the language I mastered the most (hihihihihi …), is actually not a principle, I chose visual basic because it is easier to understand. Maybe for common people who do not understand the programming language will find it easier to learn visual basic, than to learn visual C ++ or assembly. Visual basic is more humane and the source code is often found on internet sites such as, This chapter explains visual basic programming, although I don’t peel it in more detail, because this book is not a book about programming.



Around the Virus, this chapter describes viruses, viruses and viruses. Introduction of viruses, types of viruses, how viruses work, the structure of viruses and their differences with other programs or applications. Do not know then no dear, it is hoped that in this chapter the reader is more familiar with the virus, moreover can love the viruses on the computer (you know!).



Creating a Virus with Visual Basic, here we will discuss the creation of viruses, starting from preparation of preparation, algorithms and coding. Everything is clearly explained. Actually we don’t need to make the source code anymore, because all the programming code is already available in the nearest internet cafes, so we just have to assemble it. Like making ice tea. We don’t need to pick the leaves or make water from a mixture of H2 + O2. But it’s enough to take any brand of teabag, then take water from the thermos and make it. Or a more scientific explanation, if we want to make (read assemble) bombs, we no longer need to make C4, but just buy C4 at the nearest chemical shop and assemble the bomb neatly.



Finishing Virus, this chapter discusses a little about social engineering techniques so that our viruses are activated by the user file after the user sees our virus with a name that attracts attention. For example, Fulan is a big fan of Britney Spears, surely everything about Britney Spears so fulan wants to know about it. If the virus trigger file that we make is named Britney Spears.exe, then Fulan will try to open the file, even though the file contains a virus. That is one of the things called social engineering or socialization techniques.



Packing with UPX, after we make something there will definitely be a process called packing to attract the eyes of the buyer. The packing meant here is not like that, but packing here is useful so that the virus that is made cannot be known or read by the source code by someone else.



Local Virus – Ballads, now in this chapter we will told … mmm … i mean enlightened, about what viruses in Indonesia are all about and how to deal with how the viruses spread can be dammed.

Please download here for the softbook:



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It’s been a long time ago, Hopefully old school still effective

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