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Virus Tutorial – The Most Evil Virus From That Ever Exist

A new virus has been found, and categorize by Microsoft as most damaging. That new virus has been found on the week ago by McAfee, and has not been found the vaccine to beat them. This virus damage the Zero from hardisk sector that save the important function.

This virus run as follows:

This virus will send to all names on the address list automatically with title “Sebuah
Kartu Untuk Anda” ( Une Carte Pour Vous , atau A Card For You ); so opened virtual card, this virus will freeze the computer so the user will start again from the beginning. If you click CTRL+ALT+DEL or restart command, that virus will botch the Zero from the Hardisk Bootsector, so the hardisk will break permanently.


CNN says, that virus evoke panic in New York in hours. This warning had been accepted by Microsoft. Don’t open email with title “Sebuah kartu virtual
untuk Anda” (Une Carte Virtuelle Pour Vous atau A Virtual Card For
You ).

Send this message to your entire friend. I think some of people, like me, get the warming 25 times.

Be careful!!!

Don’t accept contact from ” pti_bout_de_chou”. This is a virus that will format your computer. Send this message to your entire friend. If you don’t, and one of your friend put into their address list, your computer will be infected.

Sincerely yours,


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