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Virus Tutorial – Social Engineering Virus

What is social engineering? Hmm… Maybe we should try to piece the words. Social means social, Engineering means Technic., so Social Engineering is a Social Technic or Technic who study about social life or humans. For example : Do you ever fall in love, right? To get X that you love, you will automatic do the approach. After you get closer with X, go to X house, and wanted something more, like hug or kissing. To get the hug and kissing you must do Social Engineering. Cares, affection, love must give to X. This only supposition.

OK, social engineering in our virus use to pull and make user confuse to open and run the virus. Example : Riyani Virus have .jpg icon, or picture icon. In the fact that file is an application or .exe file that useful to make the victim confuse. For the example : there is a user  see the Riyani file with .jpg icon, certain interest to  open it. Without thinking about that file in the fact is Virus. Why? You need to know Male User  (Especially in Cyberworld ), love any file that related with Porns. Although actually there are some Male Users interest with programming, sports, cracking software, and science, but not much. The comparison is 1 : 5 people who use Internet for science with people who use the Internet for Porn Sites.


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