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Virus Tutorial – Make A virus = Produce Money

Friday night ago, hangout at Coffee Shop while enjoy the Hot Chocolate I found a good article in, writen by Hendra Irawan. Maybe good to listned the words. Just take a look :


Hendra Irawan, 14 December 2005 – 20:42

Business Formula

May I to comment again?

If I a person who expert in programming. Then I ask myself. “ with my ability as a programming, what can I do and then I sell so I get remarkable profit later on a day? “

I will make a computer virus that very sophisticated, that people can’t make the Anti Dot or the Anti Virus. While I have an Anti Virus before and I want to sell it. After I distribute my virus in cyber world.


Sounds good, right? Get money from virus that I distribute and I sell the Anti Virus.


From that article above, we will thinking if we make virus only for money? What the hell is this? Are Indonesian programmer materialistic?  Nope!!! I guess people will not think like that. We create and eliminate virus. Not for money or else. ( although in fact we need money )


I think there is no Indonesian VX make virus because of money. Indonesian VX have not pay by one of Anti Virus Vendor to release virus, so the Vendor can make the Anti Virus and influence the consumer to choose Anti Virus from that Vendor because the Vendor can eliminate the Virus that has released by VX.


It’s okay if you want to try it. Maybe one of the Indonesian cyber world blow that put in some numbers because the profession awarded compare with IT in overseas. Security problem is still assumed unimportant until the SIH book by S’To has released or KPU official site piercing that founded the bug by Xnuxer. Maybe this is Indonesian IT behavior in 2006. Behavior about security problem assumed not important as a no reputation.  Want to try to make a virus? Go for it!!! Make a virus not yet assumed as a criminality.


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