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Virus Definition

Virus Definition

Virus is a program that made by a programmer that have a destructive characteristic. Virus infects the file with some of file extension, .exe, .com, .txt, .jpg etc. Kinds of virus can be discriminated to some parts, that is :

  1. Virus Boot Sector

That is virus in general, duplicate their self with overbear the original boot sector in  a disk, so at the time to booting the virus will direct be run to memory.


  1. Virus File

Attack the file that is while running by a System Operation. Usually attack Com or Exe.


  1. Virus Direct Action

This virus will enter to memory to run another file. Then run another program to outwit.


  1. Multi Partition Virus

Is a federation from virus boot sector and file virus.


  1. Polymorphic Virus

This virus is design to make the Anti Virus confuse with change the structure of their self after running the program.


  1. Stealth Virus

Controls the instructions on DOS level with dominate the interrupt table.


  1. Macro Virus

Write from a program language from an application, so that has a platform independent.


The Different From Virus with another Computer Application


The different from Virus and another Computer Application is :


  1. Ability To Get Important Information

Virus design to infect many files or program. Example, virus will infect all of the file .txt or .htt, so the virus will looking the information about the existing  files or programs . After the virus get the information, it will save in a memory or at a file that has an atribute setting become hidden.


  1. Ability To Check The Program Or File

When virus will infect the file, the virus must have to check if that file can be infected or not. Usually the virus will check the byte that worn by the virus or with another name is a sign. If the sign is appear, the virus will not infect the file. But if the file doesn’t have the sign the virus will infect that file.


  1. Ability To Multiplication s

Virus must have this ability, because with this ability will use to propagation of that virus. Usually the virus gives a sign and inserts a program to reproduce.


  1. Ability To Manipulating

This ability use to showing the message, picture, delete the file, steal the data or file, etc.


  1. Ability To Hiding From The Data That Has Been Created

All of the activity from the virus must have not show, either from the user or from the computer. This matter is beauty a virus. Usually we can see all of the process of the computer (Especially Windows) with CTRL+ALT+DEL button. A good virus is not crenellated by the trapping. Even less it can avoid from the Anti Virus Detection.


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