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Virus First Aid Kit – A Solution For Who Hitted By Diary Virus


This virus attack the .doc file or MS Word document. All of your word document will changed into .exe with name appropriate with the original name. For example, you have a try.doc file, so the virus will change this file into try.exe. Then, where is a file a while ago? Will be deleted? Of course not?


  1. Try to search your file with click start à find or search.
  2. Insert file name that you looking for, example, try.doc.
  3. Click on search, Use Advance Search Option.
  4. Choose More Advance Option.
  5. Mark the Search Hidden Files or Folders.
  6. Your file have been hidden by the virus.
  7. Then open DOS command or click à run à type cmd and then enter.
  8. Still remember your file in where directory? Enter the file directory file that you have looking for. For example, try.doc file that in c:\My Documents\ directory, just enter to c:\My Documents.
  9. Then type ‘attrib -h try.doc’ command ( without quotation mark, try.doc change into your file name ).
  10. Then look if the file will show. Maybe first aid kit for doc file that very important. Thank you.

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